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Our guiding principles

Plasinia's story begins in Croatia, a country located in the heart of the Mediterranean. The brand was founded with a passion for natural beauty and sustainability, and it draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of the country's landscapes.

The Gacka river flows gently through the vibrant green fields, creating a peaceful and idyllic landscape.

Plasinia's founders were particularly inspired by the Lika region, where the pristine Gacka River flows and the majestic Velebit mountain provides fresh air and an invigorating environment.

The brand's name, Plasinia, was chosen to reflect its connection to this magical place. It was inspired by the wonderful hill of Plasina, located close to the valley where the Gacka River flows. The brand's unique design also reflects the geolocation of the region, which is situated near the nearby Adriatic Sea.

Plasinia's commitment to natural beauty and sustainability is reflected in its use of pure, natural ingredients that are safe and effective for all skin types. The brand's signature ingredient is the Gacka river, known for its purity and revitalizing effects. Plasinia products are dermatologically tested to ensure they are gentle yet effective, and the brand is proud to be cruelty-free, with a firm policy against animal testing.

At Plasinia, sustainability is also a top priority. The brand uses eco-responsible packaging made from renewable materials such as wood and glass, which are environmentally friendly and reduce waste. Plasinia believes that nature holds the key to timeless beauty, and it is committed to bringing the authentic Mediterranean experience to your daily skincare routine.

To sum it all up...

Plasinia is a skincare brand that draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of Croatia and the Mediterranean region. Its commitment to natural beauty, sustainability, and consciousness is reflected in its use of pure, natural ingredients and eco-responsible packaging. The brand is dedicated to providing high-quality skincare products that capture the essence of this magical place and bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your daily routine.